C Browse


How to display widescreen

You only need to click the [Menu] button to hide the left menubar, and then genome browser will expand to full width.

Another way is to click [full-screen view] in the upper right corner of JBrowse to view Jbrowse in a new window

How to select tracks

There are two ways to select tracks with criterion.

  • Click the [Advanced] button to show the selection buttons; Select the criterion and click the [Filter] button; Then the browser will update.
  • Click the [Select tracks] button in the browser; Then select the criterion in the left panel; Select the datasets to show.

How to fix the track scale

The track is auto scaled by default. Users can fix the track scale. Click the inverted triangle next to the track label, select [Edit config], change the "autoscale" to "", set "min_score" and "max_score".


How to download data

To download the data, you can click the inverted triangle to the right of the track label, and then click [save track data]

Please select tracks in Select column and click Apply to display them in the browser.